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Incl Installation Manual
Delivery 2-3 days
Fiat Grande Punto Torque Sensor

Fiat Grande Punto Torque sensor

€ 159,00 € 119,00 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 2-3 days
EAN code 0733991518826
Productcode leverancier Fiat Grande Punto torque sensor
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Afmetingen (l,b,h) 20 x 15 x 7 cm

Fiat Grande Punto Torque sensor :


Repair Package Includes:


1 x Steering / Torque angle Sensor

1 x Steering / Torque angle Sensor installation manual.

1 x Torque sensor calibration OBD device (on loan basis) You need to return the calibration device !

1 X Torque sensor calibration software + manual


Fiat Grande Punto Torque sensor

Shipment per DHL. Delivery 2-3 days after receipt of order!


After Sensor replacement you always need to perform Torque sensor calibration.

Torque Sensor Calibration is -> NOT  <- possible for Grande Punto / Fiat 500 / Ford Ka  with Fiat Examiner / Bosch KTS / Gutmann / Launch /Delphi / Snap- On.

With our OBD device  you can calibrate  the Torque sensor for Grande Punto / 500 / Ford Ka.

We need Power Steering column details.

Just loop upwards from Coupling pedal and look on metal plate on the label  .  Please mention DWG fiat nr.

3 connectors should go in the column.

The smallest connector has a blue clip right? What is the colour of the cover sheat? White or purple.

Please mention company VAT nr. With VAT nr we deliver parts netto ( without VAT !)

There is no need to change the steering column.

Leave the column in the car and Repair your column in 1 hour maximum!

There are many Advantages of repairing the Power steering column by replacing the steering angle sensor:

Fiat Grande Punto Torque sensor

- 2 year warranty on the new steering-angle sensor.

- Save time. You can start the repair of the powersteering column immediately so no delay.

- No waiting time on your Steering column 3 to 5 days.

- You keep your good working motor and Module!

- Save money by changing the sensor  yourselves. Save repair time. Total repair only 1.0 hours .

- A step by step Installation guide is included with your order.

- 6 days a week phone support 8:00- 17:00


Not Satisfied 100% money back warranty!!!!



A very detailed Sensor installation manual is included.

Please do not install the sensor Without our installation manual!


We  are 100% confident you prefer to repair the Powersteering Column by

changing the sensor in 1 hour only.

We will be happy to assist you by phone if you need assistance.

Please contact us now!

Fiat Grande Punto Torque sensor

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